Modernizing Meal Plan and the Commerce Experience




Foundry’s processing system is designed to power meal plans of all shapes and sizes – from the most demanding designs for campus residents to the simplest declining balance plan for off-campus students, employees or others.  Foundry is a cloud-based service; there are no systems to install or manage locally.  New service can be up and running in a few days (or even hours when necessary).

  • Plan sponsors can design plans with virtually any combination of passes, points, guest passes, equivalencies, time and place restrictions - and more. 

  • Students and others use Foundry’s app or a mobile wallet to choose how to pay for each transaction.  Balances, available funds and recent transactions are displayed instantly to give account holders the most out of their plans. 


Foundry makes it easy to offer highly customized discretionary and controlled spending programs for just about any campus or institutional environment.  The service is highly configurable and customizable for campuswide and off-campus acceptance, athletics programs, event-based programs, and more.  It’s 100% mobile and comes natively with loyalty and rewards features for both campus service providers and off-campus merchants. 

  •  Program sponsors can limit or expand acceptance to individual merchants or groups of merchants around campus restrict spending based on merchant category.   

  • Students and others can access pre-loaded accounts or instantly create and activate new personal accounts from the Foundry app for immediate use.


Foundry supports loyalty and reward programs for single or multiple merchants or merchant groups.  Users can earn and redeem credits from within the app and monitor progress in real time.  With client permission, individual merchants can create customized loyalty programs and one-time promotions. User notification within the Foundry app is automated and real time, giving campus leadership and service providers an opportunity to really engage with students. 



Foundry is owned and managed by a team with decades of experience providing services to campuses and institutional environments.  Among other achievements, our team built and managed CardSmith, the first cloud transaction processing system for campus cards and closed loop spending accounts.  Foundry is the next step in our journey to provide customers tools and resources to deliver elevated service to campus and institutional stakeholders without the cost or complexity of proprietary systems.



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